About the Author 

Creating dishes to share is my favorite thing about cooking. Spending a whole day in the kitchen preparing dinner for friends is my idea of a perfect Saturday.

It can be however hard to make time when

life gets busy. I was looking for a way to reward myself after a long day with a simple but fullfilling meal. This is how my crostini obsession came

to be.


Since 2013, I have been creating

recipes and transforming my favorite

dishes into bite-sized crostini through my website, www.crostiniqueen.com.

I am a Peruvian-born, Swiss-at-heart foodie

who has been living in Zurich, Switzerland since 2009.

I am a self-taught cook, journalist and

animal lover. I currently live in in Zurich, Switzerland with my husband - who is also the photographer of this cookbook - and our two naughty cats.



“When hosting a party or an apero for our clients, these recipes are our go-to for entertaining and pairing back to a great wine."

Megan Herak, Founder and CEO - SPORTLES


Aarne Liukola, Freelance art, design and food critic

“These recipes are beautiful for entertaining guests, but also to indulge at home after a long day.”


Ben Schmitt, Founder and Crafstman - DAVINCI DESIGNS

“Ana Maria personally catered my gallery opening with several delicious crostini. It was a visual feast for the eyes and a delight for the taste buds.”