About the Cause 

All profits obtained from the selling of “The Crostini Table” will be used to support the children at the Señor de Huanca community in Cusco, Peru. The town of Señor de Huanca is home to a community in which many families, including over 200 children, live in extreme poverty.


The local school, San Pedro Nolasco, and its volunteers have been helping the community through donations in order to provide children from ages 3-12 with food, clothing and shoes so they can continue attending school.


Every child deserves a chance to be just that – a child. Through this donation we aim to alleviate the load of these families so kids can focus on studying without worrying about food and other basic needs. By buying this cookbook you are helping make the lives of these families better. 

Volunteers at Christmas 2018 at Señor de Huanca Cusco, Peru 

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